Streamlining collaboration: from bid to maintenance and everything in between

The Collaboration Challenge

Working for many government institutions, a technology provider for mission-critical environments, needs to follow strict procedures and processes daily. While in the bidding phase for a new government proposal, a running project or an existing customer in maintenance mode, following rules and regulations such as GDPR, security, ISO, customer procedures, and processes, are always critical.

Opportunities are moved manually through different phases and teams. From opportunity to pre-sales to project and eventually into maintenance mode. Files and folders are copied across, duplicates created, and security adapted accordingly.

To be more efficient, be compliant, have fewer human mistakes, and faster interactions across the teams, a streamlined solution was required.

Our plan of action

After interviewing all the key stakeholders in the company, analyzing the data, understanding the process throughout, Semasu started to devise a solution.

First, we built a proof-of-concept to make sure all involved parties knew the direction we were heading to, and to be able to adjust the system, based on feedback, and streamline the solution.

Semasu decided to position SharePoint Online, enhancing our entire internal process from bid to maintenance. They provided a custom code solution to render customer portals and customer projects. By keeping our customer's desires in mind, Semasu's solution has helped us to channel and structure our +200 opportunities per year.

While formulating the solution, using our flexible methodology, the customer was able to keep providing feedback, input, and tweaking until we achieved the desired outcome.


A central overview page is the entry point for all customers, projects and creating new opportunities.


Every customer exists out of customer details, current projects, and their status, classified in one of the main phases: pre-sales, project, and maintenance.


Maintenance content is centrally available, which allows supporting teams to find the data needed to help their customers 24/7 effortlessly.


To rapidly create new customers or opportunities, a site provision is available, which will generate all required components, the correct security, and all the information required to get started.