About us

We at Semasu are people of action. And along the way, you may notice that we’re very passionate about what we do. Service, quality and delivery is in our DNA. We make it our job to make your work flow.

Semasu Team

Jochem Claus

Management consultant

To notice how businesses and people can work better, smarter and with a dose of fun, with solutions we have shaped together, that's what inspires me to wake up in the morning. Working with enthusiastic people who want to make a change with us is just energetic and confirms what we do is right.

Semasu Team Second Visual

Dries Vandenhoeck

Management consultant

There is nothing better than designing solutions together with your business until we get it right. At Semasu, we tweak our solutions over and over until we are all happy. And we love being flexible along the way because that's the right way to harmonize people and technology while keeping security in mind.

Solutions should be long-lasting, sustainable and low maintenance. A collaboration and communication roadmap will provide you with a clear overview of the big picture and insights into what works best for your business.

How we work

The right tools for the job

The best application is the one that works for you and your organization. Choosing a tool should not be based on what is hip but on what it needs to do for you now and the near future.

Yammer, Teams and SharePoint have lots of overlapping functionalities which makes it challenging to choose and manage afterwards. Going a step further, automating your business processes with PowerApps and Power Automate, and by now we lost you. We understand, but it is our mission to stay on top of things for you, making sure that you can focus on what matters: growing your business and doing what you are good at!

At Semasu we help you to make the right choices for you and your company for years to come.

Microsoft Sharepoint
Microsoft Teams

Why Semasu?

Dialogue and communication

Talking, discussing and communicating is the way! We are incredibly flexible and understand that businesses are moving faster than ever. Therefore communication and open dialogue are vital, no matter the situation.

Hands-on approach

No long spun analyzing and study process, let us know what you need, and we visualize it. Formulating the solution is something we do together. And we change, adjust and ask for feedback until you are satisfied. Our agile approach is the most cost-efficient and the best way to get it right. There is no other way...

Easy support system

We have a unique support system. Whether you are new to Semasu or already a part of the Semasu family, you can purchase our credit plans and get instant access to our experts.

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Quality and service are part of our DNA

The cornerstone of Semasu is service: we understand, we listen, we deliver. No surprises (except for good ones). Because we are passionate about what we do, quality is something that happens naturally.

Let us guide you through your Microsoft 365 journey

Our goal is to help you work better together and optimize your workflow.