Free webinar: Employee Engagement & Microsoft Viva

Connections that matter

With the recent shift towards a hybrid workplace, it’s more important than ever to feel connected. Not only a connection with colleagues, but also a connection with your company and brand is key to give your best.

Companies are looking to attract top talents and create an environment where all employees feel at home and thrive. Employee engagement plays an immense role in establishing this home environment, no wonder this is a hot topic on every decision-makers agenda.

To create this environment several aspects come into play. A few of these aspects are strategy, culture, and technology. No need to tell you that all these aspects have their specific challenges, but they are also packed with opportunities to do more.

We’ve been working with our customers in their employee engagement journey and we would like to share some key take-aways to help you on your journey towards a more engaged workforce.

Content is key

A key aspect to any engaging story is content. A culture of openness and transparency gives all your employees a place in the life at your company. A good mix of corporate relevant content equals stories from the field, inspiring stories about innovations, personal stories from employees at all levels. All these sources of content should have a place in your communication landscape.

Allowing all employees to create and interact with content drives engagement. From writing blog posts on their achievements over posting and interacting in a “Market place” community, to sharing their latest personal best on their weekly lunch run in the Runners group. This content can spark a great story for the Communications department to use in a campaign.

But where do these different content sources live? How do we ensure people have access to a content source that matter to them? We at Semasu guide companies in establishing different employee journeys to get the most out of every story!

Bring relevant content where it is typically consumed

A lot of companies are limited to the typical communication channels. A prime example is the corporate intranet, offering valuable corporate information and official communication. If you have remote workers, a mobile workforce, people working on factory floors, or disconnected employees it’s not always possible for them to follow the publications on the intranet. And frankly, not all the news published on the intranet is relevant to your entire workforce.

It’s key to bring relevant and contextual content to places where they are needed. If your factory is issuing new safety standards and procedures, they need to reach your factory workers as efficiently as possible. The intranet might not be the best place, but a mobile app that allows you to push this news and related content to the factory workers would be more effective. Employees will engage more with relevant content when it’s presented in the right way.

Technology is a driver, not a goal.

The technology behind employee engagement is a key aspect that should be aligned with your needs. As Semasu is a Microsoft 365 service provider, we strongly believe that the latest additions to Microsoft’s productivity suite offers a perfect solution for employee engagement. Microsoft Viva offers Microsoft customers a set of tools that are built for engagement. The different pillars of the product come in to play, allowing you to bring strong and relevant content into the minds and hearts of your employees.

We pioneered the freshly released features of Microsoft Viva at our customers and have seen beautiful results thanks to the combination of strategy, culture and technology.

Free webinar: Employee Engagement & Microsoft Viva

To tell you more on employee engagement and how Microsoft Viva and Microsoft 365 can support this, we are organizing a free webinar to shed some light on the why, how, and what.

You’ll get an insight into various solutions we established for some typical user stories and experiences you might recognize and are potentially struggling with at the moment.

Are you

  • Unable to reach your mobile, remote and/or field workers?
  • Confused about what content should go where?
  • Looking to increase traffic & interaction on your intranet?

Then, we will show you:

  • How Microsoft Viva connects the dots
  • How you can boost your employee engagement
  • How to reach all your employees with the same effort, but with more impact

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