Upgrade Microsoft 365 with cloud security

Cloud security

The security features of Microsoft 365 are a great start to collaborate on your organizations key content safely. Microsoft does everything in its power to protect your data in the cloud. The Security & Compliance Center included in Microsoft 365 allows you to set policies to secure data in your cloud environment. Alerts will trigger as soon as a policy is breached, and even automatic remediation is possible. If you want to expand your reach to applications outside Microsoft 365, Microsoft offers an additional service, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS). With Enterprise Mobility & Security on top of Microsoft 365, you can get:

  • Better identity and access management, connecting people, devices, apps and data.
  • Additional information protection abilities. See and control how files are being used.
  • An insight on threats, compromised identities, and malicious actions across your on-premises and cloud environments.
  • A deep view in what data is cloud applications thanks to Microsoft Cloud App Security
  • More secure corporate mobile devices, using Intune to manage these assets.
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Shadow IT

If you want to have control over your corporate data, you must have an idea on where that data is stored. Thanks to the Cloud Discovery capabilities, you can easily see what applications are being used in your company. This will broaden your view from your Microsoft 365 environment to include any cloud application.

An example on what this information can offer: OneDrive for Business is rolled out for “personal” professional file storage, but in the Cloud Discovery report you notice that a large volume of data is being stored in DropBox. This Shadow IT example could be a trigger to mitigate this potential threat for data loss.

Mobile devices

If your company issues mobile devices for employees to access corporate data, most likely, you want to add some security. Microsoft Intune allows you to manage these devices and make a clear separation between private and company data. By installing corporate-managed applications, accessible with company credentials, it's possible to access corporate data in a secure way.

Excellent protection allows your company to put corporate information into your employees' hands securely. Device stolen? Corporate data will not be easily accessible. Once noticed by the owner, he or she can wipe the device remotely. Piece of cake!

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