One Global intranet for a global industrial client

Centralization and clarity with SharePoint Online and Teams

Many years ago, when a large company started using SharePoint, and made acquisitions along the way and started using Microsoft 365, it becomes clear that a strategic consolidation might be the best solution to structure corporate information. Identifying how and where data is spread, what format it's in, and whether the information is still relevant takes time, but these steps are required to build a new intranet strategy. A few key decisions shape this strategy:

  • A "no code" intranet
  • A safe and modern collaboration environment
  • A structured roll-out with the needed governance in place

SharePoint Online is the central hub for the new intranet. It's the area where all the corporate information gets published, and internal communication is centralized and distributed to the target audience.

Teams is the collaboration environment. This section allows document storage on a project and team level together with collaboration functionalities like chat, video conferencing and discussion areas.

Our plan of action


Getting our bearings of the as-is situation is vital to see the challenges and opportunities ahead.


Defining a strategy is a crucial step toward a centralized and consistent solution.


Onboarding new sites and teams with a personal approach, we make sure their needs are covered. Assisting where possible, supported by governance that empowers users. That's how we roll!

Testimony Visual

"Our intranet and collaboration environments urgently needed to be sorted out. Refreshing the content and centralizing the relevant information at the right location is important to inform our employees efficiently."

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