Digital Enabler at a Global Tube Manufacturer

The Digital Journey request

To improve our customer's experience and a way to enter into new business models, we decided to launch a digital community. The solution has to deliver answers to:

  • Keeping all employees up-to-date about the company's digital journey
  • Updates on ongoing digital projects throughout the entire company
  • Share and comment on digital news from the world outside
  • Post new digital ideas to be reviewed by a digital council

Our plan of action


Not only have we captured requirements, business needs, and forecasted the expected outcome, we also determined the future goals of the digital community. Ensuring long-lasting solutions, that's what we do.


We designed a solution for the key stakeholders and took them along the different phases of development. We collected feedback and adjusted our approach, each step coming closer to the preferred result.


Before taking the solution 'live', we collected feedback from random end-users to make sure the solution worked and was logical for all.

Testimony Visual

"Having a structured central location to share information on the Digital Journey has proven to be an effective communication platform. It's a flexible solution that caters to all the required functionalities we expect from this community."

Testimony Visual Bottom

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